Working Not Working is an invite-only community of the best talent in the creative industry. Inspired by researcher Charles Limb’s TED talk on what a brain looks like when its creating art, WNW asked me to create an interpretation of my own brain.

Once my therapist told me that I have two girls living in my brain. No, I do not have a split personality. It’s just a way to understand how my mind works.

Let’s call the first girl Dolores. Anxious, croaker and very much a perfectionist, she worries too much about the future and insists on trying to control the other girl, Felícia. Felícia is a sassy, fearless girl who takes risks and enjoys every moment of her life. She's never afraid of making mistakes and doesn’t worry too much about final results.

As both live in the same place, they need to get along with each other. Most of the day they work together as a team. Felícia explores all her creative potential, works freely and joyfully while Dolores stays in charge of organizing and helping Felícia to meet deadlines.

But when dealing with some personal project they start fighting with each other. Dolores tries to control Felícia, saying all the time she needs to be careful or everything is gonna be ruined. She demands so much of her that Felícia starts to believe that she’s not good enough and sometimes she just quits. But it’s not always like this. Sometimes Dolores wakes up in a very good mood and decides not to bother Felícia so she can work peacefully, with no pressure and then she’s able to give birth to one of those special projects that I’m so proud of.